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Rob's Demolition

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality demolition services possible. We are committed to safety, customer satisfaction, and completing every project on time and within budget.

With 45-years of experience demolition homes, buildings, and delivering quick results, we’re proud to be Spokane’s most trusted demolition crew. We’ve dedicated our professional lives to clearing out what needs to be torn down in our town and hauling away the debris to build up our community.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your demolition needs. Our friendly staff is waiting to answer any questions you may have, and our team of experts is eager to start working on your project.

Rob's Demolition Quilt.

Rob's Demolition

Rob’s Demolition is a company that specializes in demolition services. The company is based on Rob’s passion for demolition and his desire to be his own boss. He had already been working in demolition for another company and saw an opportunity to start his own business doing what he loved.

The process of getting the business off the ground was not without its challenges. Rob had to be creative in finding funding for his business, using the money from the sale of a property to start the business and taking out loans from the bank to purchase equipment. However, Rob’s determination and willingness to take risks paid off, and he was able to get his business up and running.

One of the biggest challenges that Rob faced was the engine failure in the Caterpillar 955 track loader in the first week of business. However, he was able to overcome this setback by using the money that he had set aside for a service truck to fix the engine. Rob’s ability to think on his feet and make quick decisions in challenging situations has been one of the keys to his success in running the business.

Rob’s Demolition has grown significantly since its inception, and it now has a team of experienced demolition professionals who work with Rob to provide high-quality services to clients. The company’s success can be attributed to Rob’s passion for demolition, his willingness to take risks, and his ability to overcome challenges.

We Have The Right Equipment for The Job.

Our professional demolition service crews are well-trained and use the best equipment for the job. You can count on us to get the job done right and safely. Furthermore, we eliminate the need to worry about hauling.

We remove the piles of debris from your property during the demolition to keep the site safe. The expeditious removal of debris enables you to begin working on the site for construction or other projects.

  • Cat 323 Excavators – 2
  • Cat 320 Excavator – 2
  • Cat 430 Backhoe
  • Cat 963 Track Loader
  • Cat 950 Wheel Loader
  • Cat 236 Skidsteers – 2
  • Kenworth Trucks – 8
  • Debris Semi Trailers – 4
  • Concrete Semi Trailers – 4
  • Peterbuilt Dump Truck – 1
  • Freightliner Container Truck
  • Debris Containers – 12
  • Ford Service Trucks – 2
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